Friday, June 5, 2009

~Some InSpirAtioNs~

"The Best is never over,
The best has never gone,
There's always something lovely to keep you struggling on;
There's always compensation
For every cross you bear,
A secret consolation
Hidden well somewhere.
Ends are new beginnings
As one day you will see;
The best is never over,The best is yet to be.

I found this lovely little poem yesterday and thought it was too lovely not to share. How very true it is. If you look hard enough there's always something wonderful, some small blessing to take from every day . . . a challenge, a treasure, no matter how horrible you may think your day has been, or how much it has rained . . . for after the rain comes the sunshine and, if we're lucky, a rainbow as well.

"(ألله نُورُ السَّماوَاتِ والأرْضِِِ ) "Allah Pemberi Cahaya kepada langit dan bumi"-AnNUR: 35.

Ali bin Abi Thalhah meriwayatkan dari Abdullah bin Abbas r.a tentang firman Allah di atas iaitu; Allah yang memberi petunjuk kepada makhlukNya di langit dan di bumi. Manakala riwayat lain dari Ibnu Juraij berkata Mujahid dan Abdullah bin Abbas mengatakan tentang ayat di atas ; iaitu Allah yang mengatur urusan di langit dan di bumi, mengatur bintang-bintang, matahari dan bulan.

“Ya Allah, jadikanlah di dalam hatiku cahaya. Di dalam ucapanku cahaya. Jadikanlah pada pendengaranku cahaya. Jadikanlah pada penglihatanku cahaya. Jadikanlah dari belakangku cahaya dan dari depanku cahaya. Jadikanlah dari atasku cahaya. Dari bawahku cahaya. Ya Allah berikanlah kepadaku cahaya dan jadikanlah aku cahaya.”
(HR Muslim dan Abu Daud)